MONARCH HANDICRAFT PRODUCT : The Beauty of modern lifestyle products
For the world in which we lived, Monarch preserves nature and fight pollution.

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          “Monarch” has been established in 1995 with long time year’s experience. We specialize in manufacturing and selling in craft and all type of synthetic fiber.
          We were the first inventor of the world when 19 years ago, and called our product that “Monarch Synthetic Rattan”. We received a patterned for an invention from the Department of Intellectual Property since 1999.
          Synthetic rattans are able to waving by hands for craft product such as basket, furniture, Moreover, we have “Synthetic Rattan Tree” for support and utilize in furniture industrial (furniture frame), garden, plant, resorts and hotel decorative.
          Now, we produce our products under brand owner “MONARCH” and “MESSEY” for distribution in Thailand and international markets. 

Category of products

Product Item : Household
  Fabricate chest box
  Laundry basket
  Gift basket and pendant
  Picnic basket
  Multi-purpose basket
  Rubbish basket , Waste bin
  Wine basket
  Tissue Box
  Luggage and suitcase
  Wicker table ware
  Wicker Home use
  Pet basket and animal bedding , animal hand carry basket

Product Item : Household
  Wicker lamp
  Shade or blind
  Wicker slip mat , Synthetic rattan slip mat
  Synthetic rattan wall , Synthetic rattan ceiling

Product Item : Synthetic Rattan Furniture
  Sofa Sets
  Dining Sets
  Table & Chair

Product Item : Synthetic fiber (PP Strapping Band , Plastic Strapping , PP weave. Plastic weave, Weave bag or luggage fiber, Plastic Rap)
  Synthetic fiber (PP) for weaving hand bag, luggage, bin, tank, basket, mat, mobile crafts

Product Item : Synthetic Rattan (plastic rattan, artificial rattan, synthetic fiber)
  Synthetic rattan “MONARCH”
  Synthetic bamboo strips “MONACH”

Product Item : Synthetic Rattan tree
  Synthetic rattan tree for industrial furniture and decorative

Channels and Distribution Stores

Domestic market :
  Central Department Store
  The Mall Department Store
  Siam Paragon
  The Emporium
  Chic Republic
  Index Living Mall
  Big C Extra
  Monarch's Shop (Jatuchak Market)
  Monarch's Shop (Phothong)

Overseas Market :

         Currently, we are committed to developing tools and templates for processing of thermoplastic  with high technology for support the industrial furniture, industrial design and explicate pattern along with our original products in order get standard, quality, usefulness, similar natural color or metal, reasonable price and delivery on time then customers satisfy.

Our Products
  Synthetic Rattan Fiber (PE)
  Wide & Flat synthetic rattan
      Bamboo texture
      Luxury tone texture
      Vertural large texture
      Vertural medium texture
      Vertural small & tiny texture
  Synthetic Rattan Fiber (PE)
  Round synthetic rattan
      Technical colors texture
  Synthetic Rattan Tree (PE)
      Synthetic rattan tree
  Synthetic Fiber /
     Plastic Weave Fiber (PP)
      Flat Synthetic fiber with nature surface
      Laundry basket
      Rubbish basket
      Tissue Box
  Pets Accessories
      Pet bed , Pet basket
      Sofa sets
      Dining sets
      Chair & Table
  Home Decorate
      Ceiling & Wall weaved mat
      Wicker Lamp
  Made to order
  Shopping Guide

Office & Factory  : 221/1 Soi Ted-sabarn Tombon Krachab 14, Rd. Petchakasem the old line, Tombon Nong-or,
Amphur Ban-pong, Ratchaburi Province 70110, Thailand.
Tel : (6632) 299-198, (6632) 368-168, Fax : (6632) 299-019
Mobile : (66) 86-316-0046
Line ID : tph60046 (or input phone no. 0863160046)